Giving Life to Passion

Nature is delightful and it provides every artist with subject matter throughout the centuries. Nature is my continuing source of material. Every time I see flowers, leaves, plants, trees and mountains it tells me that I can plan ahead. I decide to show my delight in painting then.

Decorative painting is one of my favourite types of art I wanted to explore more. Let it be watercolours or acrylics. Painting of flowers could be a very complicated task yet it gives overall happiness when colours are captured accordingly.

Having the love for flowers it has fascinated me to be an artist. My continuous research and study are to have more confidence in my ability. To me, I strongly believe that one does not have to follow the style of others because everyone is creative in their way. I usually have a combination of different types of artist techniques in my art and craft indeed. Having a scrapbook of ideas from creative sources and of other artists is very useful to me. Using a sketchbook of ideas, pictures, collection of soft copies, etc is what I usually do to add on my inspirations.  

There is often lots of trial and errors in my art and craft discoveries. Different designs, patterns, backgrounds, mix media, etc. Art is all about trying on different surfaces,  colours, mediums, etc. What is important for me is the end work.

Making art represents an exciting wealth of your subject matter. Your art speaks your mind and helps your ideas grow.

Hence, aspiring to attract more people to join me to enjoy the unique art and craft works of DECOUPAGE, DECORATIVE PAINTING & MIXED-MEDIA ART.

By: Astina Devi Naidu

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