Therapeutic Art

ART is a therapeutic process. ART is a way of distressing ourselves. ART is a magic word because it keeps us away from sorrows, heals hearts and gives joy. It is a process to help all walks of people to explore themselves.  It means to express and to find ways to know oneself in many better ways. As for me, it was a breakthrough to know what I can make and create. It made me feel right at the peak.

ART therapy includes drawing, colouring, doodling, sculpting, collage, painting, mixed media and many others. We can look for inspirations, themes, and many other elements around us that affect our thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Hence, we do not need to be artistic or have special talents and skills to make art or create something. The creative juice will just flow in us.

ART is a therapy for all age groups including children, teens, adults. Creativity through could boost people’s mental health, boosts self-esteem, relieves stress, creates enthusiasm, not anxiety. While art is made we are kept focused on something creative and beautiful because it’s all COLOURS, COLOURS and COLOURS.

Many research and studies have proven ART is one effective way to cure people who are mentally disturbed due to many causes.  I recently came across a news article which states art was seen as having the capacity to help mentally ill people for thousands of years. It states that in some hospitals doctors noticed their patient expresses themselves in drawings and other artworks too. Hence, this clearly indicates that art is used as one of the therapeutic treatment with different techniques.

Now you may want to try this! just pick a pen or a pencil and scribble your thoughts on a piece of paper, then try analyzing it…what did you explore, what has come out of your mind, did you pour your emotions out on the paper?  

ART should be made as a compulsory programme not only in schools but in many corporate sectors, learning institutions, government sectors and other institutions to develop people’s creativity, minimizes stress, learn the beauty of Art by creating something out of their own creativeness. When you make art you become more of yourself instead of everyone else. You do not have to create what others have created, you simply make what you feel. 

Looking at the fast-paced life adults have, creative activities such as ART should be encouraged, it is essential to express their imaginations, feelings, be more focused, able to think wider and improve one’s mental health too. ART should not be thought as a hobby or passion but it should be part of each and every one of us to have creative and positive minds.

Try to create something TODAY and analyse how is your feeling. Do you feel positive? Do you feel motivated? Have colours made you smile and feel energetic? Write down on a piece of paper how you felt.

By: Astina Devi Naidu

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