Gifting Is A Pleasure From A Decoupage Artist

I was sitting down with my hands knocking the table with my knuckles it shows I am thinking about something very seriously. But wait! am I? Not really, I was engrossed thinking about a very touching gift for my childhood friend that would be suitable for her house warming event. We always wanted to give the best of best when it comes to gifting someone especially to our loving person or childhood friends, won’t we?

As a decoupage artist usually, I look at the purpose, age, and tastes before I begin to make my craft. I believe decoupage is always a wonderful craft because it’s able to tell beautiful stories. So, I took this opportunity to make a beautiful craft on a canvas for my friend. When I unwrapped a huge plain white blank canvas sheet for a moment my mind was blank too hahaha!. However, I sat again and I planned where and how I should place the decoupage motifs, 5R pictures and other embellishments so that it could speak our childhood memories. Wow! that was not easy though. I had to dwell into my old memories, yes, finally I got some interesting once that I will be writing about on the canvas and also decided to put on some interesting pictures of ours during our outings and school days. Now, what is next? I proceeded to the next part which is the choice of colours that could blend with the images and writings.

After all my ideas and planning for a beautiful gift I started to work on my canvas. As I worked on my craft I used many mediums, embellishments, acrylics colours, motifs, pictures and ink pens. This is minimal indeed, there are more mediums and embellishments and other natural elements that we can add on to make the decoupage art look outstanding. There are no limitations for creativity to outpour your imaginations. The spreading of colours, the choice of motifs is essential for a decoupage artist. After a while of putting on the colours I began to put up the motifs and pictures as planned earlier. Later, I added more and more colours and mediums to give a natural look and make sure I blend it well with the background. I kept telling myself I must give my childhood friend an everlasting and memorable gift and that was my only goal when I was making the gift. It took me 2 days to complete the decoupage craft gift with all the wet and dry process and till I personally was satisfied with my work.

Lastly, comes the day to deliver my gift to my beautiful friend. It was unbelievable to my own bear eyes that she was astonished and amazed to see my effort on the gift. To me it was an unimaginable pleasure attained when I saw her joy in receiving my gift. I was indeed so happy to have made such a wonderful gift for my childhood friend.

Gifting is always a pleasure what if it is handmade specially for special people in our life. Making someone happy and looking at their joy when they receive a personalised handmade gift wouldn’t it be something that we want to see? Handmade items have the niche and have the magnet to attract anyone’s heart. Don’t believe me try it!

By: Astina Devi Naidu